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Using water blasting and soft washing techniques, we reduce the build-up of dirt, grime and contaminants on and around your building. 

Water Blasting decks, paths, driveways

Safely and efficiently cleaning the outside surfaces around your property is not only hard work, but a lack of experience or use of equipment not designed for the task can result in damage to surfaces and a safety risk to the user.


Using water blasting techniques and equipment matched to the job in hand we skillfully and efficiently clean your paths, decks, driveways etc removing grime and growth without damaging the surface itself.

Gutter clearing

Clearing out your gutters, especially during
autumn and winter, prevents downpipe 
blockages, overflow and premature damage.

But it's messy, and gutters are tricky to reach.

We can rid your gutters of leaves and other debris safely and efficiently, leaving them clean, clear and free-flowing.

House and Building washing

Keeping the outside of your property free from dirt, moss/mould/lichen/algae, insect mess and airborne pollutants doesn’t just make the building look good, it also prevents deterioration and saves you money over time.


So by using water blasting and soft washing techniques as required, we thoroughly wash the outside surfaces of your building to get it looking its best again.

Moss, mould, lichen, algae treatments

Growth of moss, mould, lichen, and algae on the outside of your building encourages insects to lay eggs, increases surface moisture which can penetrate surfaces, cause costly damage and can lead to an unhealthy home environment.

To avoid pest or health issues, or permanent water damage, we can treat growth areas with a safe, slow release spray to break down the surface contaminants over time and prevent regrowth.

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